12 Exchange Traded Funds that cover various sectors

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What are…

A summary of what I found without going too much into the technical details.

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Basic Information on the LIBOR

My First Encounter with the Topic

Using basic Pandas to tell when to enter and exit an investment

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The Investment Space

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The decision to double down or go home…

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  • A martingale strategy without any restrictions
  • A martingale strategy with a maximum lower limit on wealth (also a martingale with stopping time)

A simple strategy to manage a portfolio

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Portfolio strategy

Key things to look out for when selecting funds

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Why choose mutual funds?

  • Professionally managed — Mutual funds are managed by fund managers (which usually have many years of experience in the industry) and their team of analysts. You will be able to leverage on their ability to source for profitable (hopefully) investments which may be difficult to find on your own.
  • Diversification — Mutual funds normally invest in…

When two is better than one

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Components of risk

  • Systematic risks — These affect the overall market and thus, every stock. Examples of systematic risks are changes in interest rates, political instability, a pandemic, etc.
  • Idiosyncratic risks — These are normally firm-specific risks. Examples…

A Singaporean’s perspective

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What is an investment?

Why invest?

Profits (hopefully…)

Is one better than the other?

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Differences between CAPM and APT



Singaporean. A self-taught programmer who started off as a software engineer and is now pursuing a career as a quant. Always learning.

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